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At Bowlski's we have 16 Brunswick A2 pinsetters, synthetic lanes, and electronic scoring. 

If you've seen the Big Lebowski, you've seen our setup here at Bowlski's.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Lane Reservations:

We do not take reservations for lanes unless they are for a prearranged party.

During peak bowling times, Bowlski's may limit each lane to 2 games.


If you do not have your own bowling ball and shoes, Bowlski's provides both house balls and rental shoes for Adults and Children. If you would like to purchase your own bowling equipment, please visit our help desk for special orders.

Rules (we do have rules):


  • No food or drinks on the wood approach bowling area.

  • If your ball does not return, notify staff right away.

  • Do not cross the foul line at any time, we do clean and oil our lanes daily.

  • Do not reach your hands in the ball returns.

  • Do not damage our wood lanes, vintage equipment, balls, shoes, or furniture.

  • No horseplay, bowling between the legs, or ball launching.

  • Violators will be asked to leave immediately. Thanks.

Pricing is per game, per person and shoe rental is extra.

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